Lyft Skins

Lyft Skins allows advertisers to replace the traditional in-app car logos with a fully customizable branded icon on our most powerful digital channel, the Lyft App itself.

The custom car icons are activated using a branded promo code that can be promoted using the advertiser’s social channels as well as using other Lyft Media assets.

With a total reach of over 20M active Lyft users, advertisers have the option to activate Lyft Skins using precise targeting filters.

Location (nationwide codes vs. specific regional codes)

Venues (origin, destination, radius targeting etc.)

Time (time of day or day of week)

How It Works


Custom promo codes are distributed through advertiser’s social channels and other Lyft Media assets (Lyft Halo and/or Lyft Bikes)


Users apply promo code in the Rewards section of the Lyft app


Once promo code is applied, a customized description of the campaign is shown in the Rewards section and all cars are swapped with branded icons. A banner is also displayed on the Lyft home screen with a short campaign description and the advertiser’s logo. Users may also receive a credit towards their future Lyft rides as an added incentive for activating Lyft Skins.

Case Study

Cardi B

We partnered with Cardi B for an immersive Lyft Skins campaign that replaced all in-app car icons with… Cardi B!

The customized Skins campaign was activated using the code “CardiInvasion” which went viral after Cardi B posted it to her Instagram. Fans loved the unique partnership between Cardi B and Lyft, with the campaign generating over 2.6M social media impressions, 50K code redemptions, and 
2K tweets.