Lyft In-Car

In-Car tablets provide a unique opportunity to engage with your audience during a Lyft ride. Highly relevant content, including a dynamic route map, music, and integrated driver tipping drives high engagement.

Two tablets showing Lyft In-Car Content Card and Midroll ad unites.
Pictures of various Lyft riders

Target custom segments

Historical ride behavior and vehicle destination type data enable you to zero in on your ideal audience.

Target according to:

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Ride history

  • Commuters
  • Frequent travelers
  • Bike and scooter riders
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Custom affinity segments

  • Travelers
  • Retail shoppers
  • Food shoppers
  • Sports and entertainment fans

Leverage the power of video

Full-screen video with audio capability plays automatically once the trip is underway, so it gets riders’ full attention.

An image showing a push notification being sent from an in-car ad to a rider's phone.

Create a clear path to conversion

Push notifications make it easy for riders to redeem special offers on the spot.

Measure your impact

Track impressions, clicks, number of rides, and audience targets to better understand performance.

Mockup of Lyft Media in-car ad with a measurement graphic in front